EDGE Alumni

EDGE is designed to give outstanding young artists the best possible final preparation for their professional dance careers. Dozens of outstanding artists have completed their training through creating and touring a repertoire with London Contemporary Dance School's postgraduate performance company, including:

Ellis Saul (EDGE 16), Tony Adigun’s “Fagin’s Twist”
Stan West (EDGE 16), National Theatre’s production of Angels in America (2016-2017), New Adventures “Swan Lake” world tour
Kenny Shim (EDGE 16), Triple Bill, an evening of 3 new works in Malaysia, Head of Dance and Musical Theatre at British Academy of Performing Arts, Petaling, Jaya (Malaysia)
Madison Capel-Bird (EDGE 16), Joss Arnott Dance Company
Kingsan Lo (EDGE 16), Clod Ensemble, Neon Dance
Rosemarie Stea (EDGE 16), Artistic Manager Maple Academy of Dance, Toronto Canada
Iris Yi Po Chan (EDGE 15), Freelance producer: Protein Dance, JW3, Bonnie Bird Choreography Fund
Clare Schweitzer (EDGE 15), Development/production Assistant San Francisco Dance Film Festival
Ellyn Hebron (EDGE 14), projects at London Contemporary Dance School
Sara Barney (EDGE 14), dancer, teacher at Providence Ballet (USA)
George Pelagias (EDGE 14), company member at Skånes Dance Theater (Sweden)
Helen Cox (EDGE 13), Dance Artist, Royal Opera House Chance to Dance, Resolutions, Animateur, RADC, Teacher, Royal Ballet School
Hyewon Jo (EDGE 13), Lecturer in dance Korea National University
Pakhamon Much Hemachandra (EDGE 13), Independent Dance Artist, Bangkok Thailand
Mansoor Ali (EDGE 13), choreographer and dancer, performed with Punchdrunk
Cesilie Kverneland (EDGE 13), performed with Bergen Nasjonale Opera, COMA dance and performance group Bergen (Norway)
Vasilis Koutras (EDGE 13), performed with Theater Thikwa (Berlin) and Theater tanzSpeicher würzburg
Gracie Whyte Coad (EDGE 12), Faculty UCLA, California, Performer WHYTEBERG Los Angeles
Jacque (Price) Rossi (edge 12), Co-Director Move The World
Michael Kitchin (EDGE 12), Founder member/performer The Uncollective
Erin Johnson (EDGE 12), Projects Coordinator at Dance Art Foundation, freelance writer
Simone Mousette (EDGE 12), dancer and qualified teacher, previously National Theatre of Luxembourg, Dog Kennel Hill Project, Caracalla Dance Theatre (Lebannnon)
Elisabeth Schilling (EDGE 12), performed in projects with Scottish Dance Theatre and Sasha Waltz
Nicole West (EDGE 12), Dance Program Director Stevenson School California (USA)
Katie Webster (EDGE 12), dancer with The Generating Company, France, previously New Manoeuvres Company, Avant Garde Dance
John Kendall (EDGE 11), dancer with BalletLORENT, previously Joan Clevillé Dance, Robby Graham’s Southpaw
Doria Belanger (EDGE 11), working on projects in Paris
Rachele Rapisardi (EDGE 11), performed in projects with Ben Duke and ilDance (Sweden)
Matt Lackford (EDGE 11), working with Jorge Crecis, and as Widening Participation Officer at London Contemporary Dance School
Oliver Mahar (EDGE 11), performed with ilDance (Sweden), Unga Fuse Dansensemble, Prague Chamber Ballet. Tiago Gambogi (EDGE 11), dancer, choreographer, actor, pole dancer at Projeto Trans-Amazonia and Co-Artistic Director of F.A.B. Brazil
Tiago Gambogi (EDGE 11), Guest speaker Environmental Performance Forum – Bath Spa University, Trans-Amazonia, a dance environmental performance travelling in Brazil since 2012, Brazil VALE dance protest, Mayfair hotel UK, Bittersweet River, Alma Lama, Photo performances BentO, Mud Man, Fauno in Brazil, PHD research applicant Royal Birmingham Conservatoire
Daniel Varallo (EDGE 11), performed with Volkstheater Rostock Germany
Jamila Johnson-Small (EDGE 10) freelance dance artist, Project O, Founder of BellyFlop Magazine
Kirsty Arnold (EDGE 09), performed with Punchdrunk, Jose Vidal & Company, ENO
Céline Alwyn (EDGE 07), performing with Cirque du Soleil
Valentina Golfieri (EDGE 07), dancer and choreographer Bell & Golfieri, has danced for Arthur Pita, Frauke Requardt, Will Tuckett and Dam Van Huynh
Azzurra Ardovini (EDGE 07), Vincent Dance Theatre, previously Phoenix Dance Theatre Henri Oguike Dance Company
Hannah Shepherd (EDGE 07), danced with Hofesh Shechter and performed in Anna Williams's work which was finalist in The Place Prize 2008
Amy Bell (EDGE 07), dancer and choreographer, Bell & Golfieri, previously Hussein Chalayan, Maresa von Stockert: Tilted Productions, Tino Sehgal
Chris Rook (EDGE 06), has danced for Jean Abreu, Jonathan Lunn and Freddie Opoku Addaie
Petra Söör (EDGE 06), performed with Fevered Sleep, Tino Sehgal, and Anna Williams's work which was a finalist in The Place Prize 2008
Natalia Thorn (EDGE 05), has danced for Kim Brandstrup and Maresa von Stockert
Tory Wilshere, Matthew Slater, Laure Bachelot (EDGE 06) have performed with Retina Dance Company
Rohanna Eade (EDGE 05), have performed with Retina Dance Company
Matthew Winston (EDGE 04), dancer, founding member of Ben Wright’s company Bgroup, did world tour with New Adventures in Matthew Bourne's Nutcracker!
Silvestre Sanchez Strattner (EDGE 04), has danced with Richard Alston Dance Company
Mariusz Raczynski (EDGE 04), dancer balletLORENT, previously Siobhan Davies Dance
Robert Clark (EDGE 04), choreographer, he's performed with Troika Ranch, Bare Bones Dance Company and Vincent Dance Theatre
Keir Patrick (EDGE 04), who have worked with Siobhan Davies Dance)
Gareth Green (EDGE 04), freelance lighting designer and performer with Wired Aerial Theatre
Gena Mann (EDGE 03), who joined Via Dance Collaborative, New York, previously Rashpal Singh Bansal, Carol Brown, Wayne McGregor
John Thompson (EDGE 03), who danced with Bare Bones Dance Company
Katryn Jackson (EDGE 02), dancer balletLORENT previously Maresa von Stockert and Tilted Co., Retina Dance Company
Raymond Roa (EDGE 02), dance balletLORENT, previously Frauke Requardt, Royal Opera House, Goteborg Operans
Phillipa White (EDGE 02), dancer balletLORENT, previously Scottish Dance Theatre, Nanohach Holly Warren (EDGE 02), yoga teacher, former member of Scottish Dance Theatre

Alumni from when the company was known as 4D include:
Angela Towler, former dancer with Rambert Dance Company, subsequently choreographer and Rehearsal Director Rambert Dance Company
Arthur Pita has worked internationally in opera, musicals, plays and film, and created several original commissions for dance companies including Phoenix Dance Theatre, Candoco and Ballet Black and the award-winning The Metamorphosis Royal Opera House
Eddie Nixon former dancer with New Adventures, The Featherstonehaughs, Protein Dance, DV8 Physical Theatre, current Director of Theatre and Artist Development at The Place
Henri Oguike, former dancer with Richard Alston Dance Company, subsequently Artistic Director, Henri Oguike Dance Company has created commissions for Phoenix Dance Theatre, Rambert Dance Company, and Channel 4
Hilary Stainsby former dancer with Wayne McGregor’s Random Dance, has performed for choreographers including Martin Lawrence, Yael Flexor, Maresa von Stockert, and Joe Moran. She teaches on the Postgraduate programme at London Contemporary Dance School and is Rehearsal Director for Shift youth dance company at The Place
Laila Diallo former dancer with Wayne McGregor’s Random Dance, her movement direction and choreography credits for theatre and opera include Canadian Opera Company, Yorkshire Playhouse, Donmar, National Theatre and Scottish Opera
Martin Lawrance, former dancer with Richard Alston Dance Company, subsequently Associate Choreographer and Rehearsal Director for the company he has created commissions for Ballet Black, Ballet Manilla, and Scottish Ballet