Celebrating Our Alumni

As part of The Place's 50th anniversary we looked back and spotlighted a handful of wonderful our alumni, from those that are continued to explore their dance practice and develop a successful career in the dance industry, to those that have used what they learnt at the School to explore different paths.

The Alumni Portraits series showcases the resilience, passion and strength of the dance community. The portraits feature some of our wonderful LCDS alumni, showcase their career paths, their experience and what they have learned about being a dance artist. 

Next is the Dance Beyond Dance series which celebrates alumni who have decided to leave the dance world behind and use their creativity to explore different paths and new adventures. Demonstrating how a creative education teaches life skills far beyond the stage, these inspiring alumni stories prove the limitlessness of possibilities to apply creativity and forge a meaningful and personal career path within the dance world and beyond. 

Alumni Portraits:

Eva Recacha 

Ruben Brown 

Anthony Van Laast 

Rosie Kay 

Siobhan Davies 

Samantha McCormick 

Sharon Watson 

Riccardo Buscarini 

Emma Farnell-Watson 

Stephanie Handjiiska 

Dance Beyond Dance:

Anna Britton 

Kimberly Labor 

Dean Burke 

Marianne Maynes 

Maya Lane