Brand New Programme - Expanded Dance Practice

This new course is expansive in how it interrogates the conventions of cultural, aesthetic or historical assumptions about contemporary dance. Our aim is that we will address the need to decolonise the canon, adopting a plural approach to how the contemporary moment is constituted and lived, and we will explore how dance practices are experienced and how they can be situated within wide social, political and artistic contexts. 

Applications will open in February 2021 for January 2022 entry

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The course will support artists at different stages of their career who are forging their own paths as dancers, makers, teachers and facilitators, helping graduates to transition into or continue working confidently within the independent dance sector.  

Throughout this course you will develop a portfolio of work which aims to build your confidence in how you contextualise your practice and how you can communicate your ideas in a way that is meaningful and effective. 

The course:

  • Has a strong research focus
  • Is centred around the learning journey of the individual within a community of researchers
  • Offers group learning and peer feedback
  • Explores different modes of communication and presentation including live performance, presentation, project proposals, digital outputs and reflective portfolios. 
  • Is a 12 month MA programme running from January to December

You are encouraged to:

  • Critically reflect on your own practice, acknowledging your own personal narratives and histories
  • Be autonomous and self-motivated in your own learning
  • Come with an open mind – be curious and willing to take risks

It will give you the opportunity to:

  • Engage in a range of embodied, collaborative and reflective practices, choreographic approaches, political debate and creative experimentation. 

You are supported in acknowledging your relevancy to, and your ability to communicate with, wider sociological, environmental, economic and political narratives. You will be able to build the necessary skills to be able to initiate and realise creative projects independently. 

We are excited about this development and about our new partnership with UAL. 

If you have any questions please get in touch.