Audition Process

The audition process for Advanced Dance Studies consists of a preliminary audition, a recall audition and an interview. For all auditions please ensure that you are wearing close-fitting clothes that enable us to see your physical work very clearly. Applicants should ensure that they meet the entry requirements for this programme.

Preliminary Auditions

Students auditioning in London will attend a class (90 minutes).

Students auditioning in North America (Toronto, New York or San Francisco) will be asked to attend classes in ballet and contemporary technique as well as Improvisation, and to show a solo. Preferably this will be something they have choreographed themselves. Following this audition they may be invited for an interview and be offered a place at LCDS or they may be invited to attend a recall audition in London. 

Students from overseas who cannot easily attend London or North American auditions are invited to send a DVD of their work in lieu of a preliminary audition. Following this audition they may be invited to attend a recall audition in London. The footage should include the following elements:

  • class work: the preparatory section of class (ballet barre or floor work); travelling and jumping
  • solo performance: preferably work that has been choreographed by the student.

Please ensure that you are wearing close-fitting clothes in colours that contrast with the background and that the lighting used enables us to see your physical work very clearly.

Recall Auditions

Students applying for ADS will be invited to audition in London in April 2014. Those for whom this is the only audition at LCDS will be seen in preliminary auditions on Monday and Tuesday. Those who have also applied for alternative courses at LCDS will have been through the preliminary audition process prior to this date and will therefore be able to join later in the week.
Recall auditions will take the form of classes, improvisation and other creative tasks, learning repertoire, workshops with guest choreographers and, for those invited to stay until the end of the week, an interview. At the end of each day invitations will be made to selected students to return for subsequent sessions; therefore applicants need to be available all week although only those shortlisted each day will stay until the end of the audition process.

Students who have applied for both EDge and ADS, but no other postgraduate programmes, will hear at the end of the week whether or not they have been offered places on either course.

If you would like to develop your work in the areas of choreography and/or teaching within the ADS programme, please note that there is a separate application process for these areas of work. Be sure to fill in the sections of the application form that relate to your previous choreography, submitting examples of your work on DVD or via internet links and including written statements that allow the panel access to your working processes and concerns. Teachers will be invited to lead an observed class following the recall audition and interview, if other aspects of their auditions have been successful.