Areas of Learning

Dance Practices  

Dance Practices at London Contemporary Dance School are designed to produce highly skilled, creative and intellectually curious dance artists, prepared for a career in the diverse and fluid world of contemporary dance. The School is a rich learning environment, where dance artists are nurtured and encouraged to take ownership of their development. 

The Dance Practices that you encounter at London Contemporary Dance School are varied and aim to give students a substantial understanding of today’s contemporary dance environment.      

Practices range from Cunningham based, release-based work, floor work, Flying Low and Passing Through, Ballet aimed at contemporary dancers, Gaga, Improvisation and Contact Improvisation and Partner work. These practices are met at different stages of the students training and vary in intensities and complexities.  

Most classes are accompanied by live music and engage the students both physically and intellectually. Through these practices the students develop their knowledge of various movement techniques. They also become more aware of biomechanical and somatic principles that are vital for a safe and sustainable career.   

The school prides itself for its inclusivity. All practices encountered by the students have accessibility at the forefront of their thinking.