Application Process: Work-based Learning

Please note: due to Visa restrictions set by UK Visas and Immigration it is not possible for us to place students from overseas (outside the EU) with host companies for work-based learning. This programme is open only to applicants from the UK/European Union.

Postgraduate performance applications are now open for September 2020 entry.

The application process consists of submitting a written application (online or by post) a preliminary audition, a recall audition and an interview. For all auditions please ensure that you are wearing close-fitting clothes that enable us to see your physical work very clearly.

Applicants should ensure that they meet the entry requirements for this programme.

Preliminary Auditions

Students applying for the Work-based Learning programme will be invited to a preliminary audition in London. This audition will consist of a practice-based session of approximately 2.5 hours; and will include technical class work and improvisation. Please note that representatives of the host companies are not normally in attendance for preliminary auditions; the host companies trust the panel at London Contemporary Dance School to make decisions on invitations to recall auditions on their behalf.

Following the preliminary auditions, selected students will be invited to recall auditions in London with specific companies. Taking account of the companies listed on their application forms, the panel will advise applicants on the number of recalls that each dancer can attend.

Preliminary auditions will be held on 10-12 February 2020.

Recall Auditions

Recall auditions for the programme take the form of a full day of studio-based practice followed by an interview.

Typically the recall audition takes the form of a class, learning repertoire, improvisation or other creative tasks and an interview. Most companies select students by the end of the recall audition day. Sometimes dancers are invited to attend a further audition the following day, or to work with the company at their home base before final decisions are made.

Recall auditions will be held between 22 Feb and 7 March 2020:

Sat Feb 22           Scottish Dance Theatre

Sat Mar 7             National Dance Company Wales 

How to Apply

Applications for the BA (Hons) in Contemporary Dance are open for September 2021 entry. Deadline for applications is Monday 8 February 2021, 12 noon.