Application Process: Developing Artistic Practice

Developing Artistic Practice applications are open now, until 29 Mar 2019, 12pm noon. The application process consists of submitting a written application (online or by post), audition and interview.

All applicants will be invited to attend the London auditions once their application has been received. Audition dates will be released soon.

If you are unable to attend an audition you are welcome to apply by video.

Applicants should ensure that they meet the entry requirements for this programme.

In addition to auditons in London, it is possible to audition for this programme in New York on Sun 16 Dec 2018, San Francisco on Fri 8 Feb 2019 and Singapore on Thu 14 Feb 2019 - read about our overseas auditions. International students must apply early to allow for their visa application (if necessary).

The earlier applications are submitted the more likely it is that there will be audition slots available.

London Auditions

We recognise that those people applying for Developing Artistic Practice tend to represent a wide range of ages, experiences and interests, and we hope that the audition will reflect and support this.

The audition day will include physical explorations which may include some taught material alongside improvisation. There will also be a number of creative and compositional tasks which will be designed to allow auditionees to play with a range of ideas in relation to both performance and choreography. There will be various points throughout the session where we will be able to pause for reflection and discussion.

The London auditions will be led by Sue MacLennan (Head of Choreography), Hilary Stainsby (Postgraduate Lecturer) and Lauren Potter (Lecturer in Choreography and Improvisation).

The work during the audition will be considered alongside each auditionees' application statement. For example, if the application was submitted with a predominant interest in choreography, we will be looking in particular at the applicant's skills in this area. Applicants should also submit links to videos of at least two previous pieces of choreography as well as written reflections of their work as part of their application.

Those students who wish to register on the MA programme will be required to submit an example of their written work following their interview.

London Contemporary Dance School has an equal opportunities policy. We welcome all curious practitioners who are looking to challenge and deepen their dance practice.

London Audition Dates

The dates for London auditions will be released soon.

Applicants will be invited to attend one or both of these dates, depending on the number of applications received. Selected candidates will be called for an interview, which may be at the end of the audition day. It may also be possible to arrange alternative interview dates for those applicants living in the vicinity.

Please note: applicants who also apply for EDGE and/or the Apprenticeship programmes will be notified to attend a separate audition, which will be held in February. The application deadline for the EDGE and Apprenticeship programmes is 15 Jan 2019, 12pm noon. 

View audition dates and venues in USA


Each applicant will have stated their main areas of interest on the application form; at interview we will discuss an appropriate pathway through the programme and outline any further changes to the options they’ve selected which they may be able to make, during their time at the School if their interests shift. The interview stage is particularly important for Developing Artistic Practice students because the choices are many and varied; it is an opportunity for the School to learn more about each applicant and ensure that what the School offers matches what each applicant is looking for in relation to their continuing development.