Application Process

Application Process: EDGE

Applicants should ensure that they meet the entry requirements for this programme.

The application process consists of submitting a written application (online or by post), a preliminary audition, a recall audition and an interview.

An audition date will be allocated once your application has been received, so you are advised to apply online as early as possible. International students should be sure to apply early enough to allow for visa application if necessary.


In addition to auditions in London, there will be one full audition in North Carolina. Applicants who attend preliminary auditions in North Carolina will need to attend further sessions in London if they are invited to the recall stage.


USA Auditions

For venue information please see the USA audition page.

The North Carolina full audition involves studio-based practice in ballet and contemporary technique and improvisation. Offers may be made based on the audition performance and interview, although the panel may ask for some further information which would involve submitting footage of work via on-line links and a second interview on Skype.

International students who cannot easily attend London, USA  for a preliminary audition are invited to send examples of their work, via on-line links. Following this they may be invited to attend a recall audition in London. The footage should include the following elements:
•    class work: a full contemporary class, ballet barre/floor work, travelling and jumping
•    solo performance
Please ensure that you are wearing colours that contrast with the background and that the lighting chosen enables us to see your physical work very clearly.

Preliminary Auditions

This audition will consist of a practice-based session of approximately 2.5 hours; and will include technical class work and improvisation.

During the London auditions invitations will be made to selected students at the end of each day to return for subsequent sessions (recalls). Therefore applicants need to be available from the date of their preliminary session until the end of the week, although only those shortlisted each day will stay until the end of the audition process.

For all auditions please ensure that you are wearing close-fitting clothes that enable us to see your physical work very clearly.

London Recall Auditions: EDGE

Recall auditions will take the form of classes, improvisation and other creative tasks, learning repertoire, workshops with guest choreographers and, for those invited to stay, an interview.