Amy Butler

Amy is a senior dance artist with Stopgap Dance company and has been making and touring work with the company for five years. Most recently working with Sophie Fiennes the film director on a dance short to be premiered in May. With the company she is developing an inclusive yoga practice and is also ‘Inclusive Arts Practitioner’ for Joss Arnott Dance.

Currently she is performing the role of rehearsal director for Akram Khan Company, specifically for the piece Chotto Desh. She has danced for Akram Khan company, Yoshifumi Inao (Batsheva Dance Company), State of Emergency, Cas Public, Aracaladanza, Highly Sprung, Ascendanec Rep., Jonathan Poole, Motionmanual and Balbir Singh.

Her choreographic work includes ‘Slide with the Sun’ commissioned by Stopgap dance Company, ‘Outside Spaces, Inside Places’ for Ascendance Rep. and two works for Three Scores. Most recently she choreographed ‘Composition in Time’ for Ramallah festival in Palestine.