Alicja Nauman

In 2018 Alicja completed a one year course of experimental choreography held by Maria Stokłosa, Magda Ptasznik and Renata Piotrowska-Auffret (graduates of School of New Dance Development and ex.e.r.c.e CNN de Montpelier/Mathilde Monier) in an independent choreographic collective space "Centrum w Ruchu" in Warsaw. She also participated in a one-year choreography course led by a renowned choreographer Iwona Olszowska (who gained her experience in Judson Church in New York among others) in Hurtownia Ruchu in Cracow. Recently, Alicja choreographed a solo piece inspired by the gentrification process in Warsaw and a group piece about the power of the collective experience of beatitude, which was shown in the Propaganda Gallery in Warsaw. For the last six months, she also ran a solo performance project called; rainbow-healing (it can be found on Instagram @gender_genetrix).  She danced in front of different political institutions in Warsaw with the intention to heal those particular nationalist places and create a different discourse around them. She was wearing lots of clothes, lent by friends and family, each dance was in the different colour of the rainbow (and each time she was recorded by police). This action was a personal proof for her that dance has a great political power. She is also interested in structural improvisation, and different methods of choreographic research.

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