Alexandra Saltaoura

I have always been fascinated by people who express themselves, by using body in order to feel the joy of movement, connect to their spirit and become aware of the mind and body connection.

Although my studies have initially been in the field of engineering, I have chosen to dedicate myself to dance, simply because I could never imagine myself being happy and fulfilled without expressing myself through art. I am now trying to inspire other people's hopes and dreams by transmitting the fondness I myself have for dance and art.

During my ten-year teaching experience in diverse styles of dance I have always taken a keen interest in my students, observing and trying to comprehend their needs, skills and psyche in order to adjust my tutoring accordingly. Through this I developed my creative skills by being inspired from the various movement patterns and ideas of my students. My name is Alexandra Saltaoura, I come from Greece and at the time being I am glad to attend the DAP program in LCDS.