Finance & Student Services


LCDS does not operate any housing of its own, but does have in place mechanisms to ensure that accepted students will have a roof over their head prior to arrival in September.  Please take some time to read through and research the options that are listed below.

University of London Housing Services have a database with offers of accommodation. If you want to rent shared housing accommodation, then the University of London Housing Services should be your first point of contact. You can use this service to seek help with finding accommodation or to obtain advice (including free legal advice) concerning housing. More

Student Halls of Residence

Private Landlords

Joining Us From European Union or Abroad?

If you are coming from outside the UK to study with us, in order to rent a room in shared house you may be asked to pay  up to six month’s rent in advance to secure the tenancy, unless you know someone in the UK who is willing to act as your guarantor.  A UK guarantor is a person who is resident in the UK and who undertakes to cover any losses if you miss your monthly rental payments for example, and to cover the costs of any damage that occurs while you are renting the room.

Further Assistance

If you require assistance or would like further information about accommodation please contact us via  email.