Graduation Performance Fri 3 July, 8pm

Download the programme notes for tonight's performance. Read about the students performing tonight in the Graduation Book.

Watch class, interviews with commissioned choreographers in the player below.

Live stream schedule
12pm Ballet class
12.30pm Contemporary class
1pm Interview and rehearsal with Shay Kuebler
1.30pm Ideas in Action
2pm Q&A with first year undergraduate students
2.30pm Interview and rehearsal with Renaud Wiser
3pm Student screen dance films
3.30pm Interview and rehearsal with Igor and Moreno
4pm Q&A with third year undergraduate students
4.30pm Interview and rehearsal with Kerry Nicholls
8pm Graduation Performance



Each year, a number of performances at The Place by London Contemporary Dance School students are broadcast live online, you can watch previous virtual open days, performances and rehearsals on YouTube.


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