EDge performance company

EDge is London Contemporary Dance School's postgraduate performance company.

We offer students a programme of creative investigations under the direction of professional choreographers from a range of backgrounds. The company creates a repertoire of work which it tours nationally and internationally.

Recent tours have included Sweden, Denmark, Austria, Israel, France, Switzerland and Portugal; typically EDge dancers give between 20 and 25 performances each year.

EDge students develop their skills as dance artists in an intensely creative environment: the course is designed for students who wish to deepen and extend their artistic abilities through rigorous, investigative enquiry and creative playfulness. Alongside devising and creating work, there is a continual experimental debate within the aesthetics of performance. An engaged curiosity and open minded approach is paramount.

Encompassing a diverse and textured programme of works that spill across a variety of artistic disciplines, EDge's annual tour involves a wide range of venues and performance possibilities. EDge dancers also engage in collaborative exchanges with similar institutions both here and abroad and have the additional opportunity to engage in educational teaching and the development of creative workshops.

The constant engagement and active dialogue with a wealth of high calibre professional artists aids and supports students' transition into the professional world.

Modules and credits

EDge for the award PGDip (120 credits)
Performance Module. Full immersion in company work (100 credits)
Practice-led Module. Chosen from the range available (20 credits)

EDge for the award MA (180 credits)
Performance Module. Full immersion in company work (100 credits)
Research Lab. Research and academic essay (20 credits)
Dissertation.Wholly written (60 credits)
Dissertation (30) and Practice-based module (30) (60 credits)

Note: All postgraduate students who choose to progress to the MA award must pass the compulsory Research Lab Module (20 credits) prior to beginning the MA Dissertation.