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LCDS does not operate any housing of its own, but does have in place mechanisms to ensure that accepted students will have a roof over their head prior to arrival in September.  Please take some time to read through and research the options that are listed below.

Residence Halls

There are quite a few private residence hall operators in London. The bulk of these companies have recently embarked upon construction programmes that have resulted in many brand new or newly-renovated facilities being opened within a feasible travelling distance to LCDS. While the monthly rent for residence hall space will certainly be higher than what you would typically pay for a flatshare, you should also bear in mind there are typically no additional costs for utilities, internet and transport costs are likely to be lower given their proximity to central London and LCDS. The companies below are listed to provide you with a starting point in your search for residence hall accommodation.

  • Unite – Unite’s newly opened Woburn Place facility is literally right around the corner from LCDS.
  • Prodigy Living – newly opened King’s Cross facility is about a 10 minute walk from LCDS.
  • Liberty Living – Liberty Living’s Sebastian St. and St John St. properties are within a 15-20 minute walk from LCDS.
  • International Students House – International student residence hall located in Regent’s Park, is a 15-20 minute walk to LCDS.

Arranging Housing Yourself

LCDS students are typically spread out all over London, though a significant proportion live in an area of the city Northeast of LCDS. You can identify this area by following the Piccadilly Line North from Euston or Kings Cross St Pancras to stations like Turnpike Lane, Wood Green and Bounds Green.  These areas are convenient in terms of cost and distance from LCDS.

You will be able to get a good sense of rental rates and properties that are on the market by looking on websites like and If you don’t know of a postcode to refine your search, enter a tube station (such as those mentioned above) to hone in on an area.

We would advise caution with the use of sites like to located flatshares.  While you will often need to move quickly to secure property, do not permit a potential landlord to pressure you into making a large deposit too soon. Indeed any property shown on the internet as seeming too good to be true almost certainly is and under no circumstances should you ever send money to a potential landlord via Western Union.  The media has reported several scams that rely on this funding transfer mechanism. For more information on this type of scam, please visit the BBC news website.

Summer Accommodation Manager

During each summer, LCDS appoints a former student to the role of Summer Accommodation Manager. The Summer Accommodation Manager will identify and secure appropriate properties at market rents and then assign those students in need of housing to these locations.  If needed, LCDS will pay the first month’s rent and security deposit to ensure that the property is guaranteed in a timely fashion, these costs will then be passed on to relevant student’s LCDS fee account. If you would like to utilise the services of our Summer Accommodation Manager, please send an email to, this email address is typically active from the beginning of July until mid-September

It is important that any student utilising the services of the Summer Accommodation Manager are aware of the following:

  • The lease for any property secured by the Summer Accommodation Manager will be in the name of the occupants only.  LCDS will not be a named occupant or stakeholder in any rental agreement between a student and their landlord.  LCDS’ role is simply to assist new students with the process of finding appropriate housing, not to enter into any form of legal contract on their behalf.
  • Please be aware that students requesting the services of the Student Accommodation Manager will be responsible for any costs associated with identifying, securing and occupying the property, just as they would be if searching for housing on their own.  If a student has requested these services and then changes their mind after housing has been secured, they may be held financially responsible for the full cost of rent until a time when another student can be placed in this property.
  • There are inevitably variations in the date that each occupant arrives to a given property.  If a student is placed in accommodation arranged by LCDS, they will be responsible for payment of rent from the date that the contract begins, not the date that they move in.  LCDS will ensure that all contracts begin as close to the Monday of Induction Week as is possible (13th September for the 2010/11 academic year).

Further Assistance

If you require assistance or would like further information about accommodation please contact the Office of Student Support Services on 0207 121 1133 or send an email to